Hardwood Flooring in Duluth, GA

The Best Hardwood Flooring in Duluth

Nothing enhances the beauty of a home than correctly installed hardwood flooring. At Hillman Flooring & Design, we are a client-oriented company that ensures that your project meets and exceeds your expectation. We will walk you through all the procedure from the time we lay down your new hardwood flooring in Duluth, GA through to every detail, from start to finish.

Choose from our selection of hardwood flooring, as described below.

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Duluth GA Hardwood Flooring Options

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This flooring is a mixture of synthetic material and layers of veneers and wood laminated together to form the different planks for the flooring. It serves as the bottom layer and is resistant to moisture. These floorings come pre-finished from the factory and are, thus, of high quality and durable. The top layer is made of natural wood, which is much thinner and stuck to the surface. Because of the lighter coat, the chances of requiring refinishing for the floors get reduced on their wearing over a period of time.

Wood plank board background with a selection of different veneers

Laminate Flooring

This flooring is made of synthetic material that does not contain natural wood products. Because of this, it is very resistant to the moisture. It is sturdy and durable and gives the plastic-like finish. They come in different colors and finishes for your preference.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Our solid hardwood flooring can be procured pre-finished or unfinished. Unfinished hardwood flooring could be stained, sanded and coated at the site after installation. This way custom stain colors can match the decor of your home. Therefor, installing unfinished flooring requires the services of professionals to bring out the elegance and beauty of the floor.

empty unfurnished loft room with roof window and solid wood floor

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Stylish and long-lasting hardwood floors boost the value and the look of your home by adding elegance and warmth to any room. At Hillman Flooring & Design, we have a full range of hardwood floor that you can trust. Servicing residents of Duluth, GA and the surrounding area, we’ll help you choose and install the right type of hardwood floor that fit your décor style and budget.

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