One of the many flooring options that we offer is carpet. Carpet allows you to change your look and feel of your house. It is easy to update your house for a minimum cost. We offer textured, plush, saxony, frieze, shag, pattern, loop, craved, wool, seagrass and sisal carpets. We have a rainbow of colors for your designer styles and looks. Come let our designer consultants help you make the best decisions for your flooring needs. We will take the time to ask questions to make sure that you are selecting the correct flooring for how you live on your floors.

We want to match our customers with the right flooring so they can enjoy a worry free life with your new floors. Today we offer StainMaster, SmartStrand Sorona, Pure Color Polyester, Pure Color Soft Polyester, Pure Color Nylon, Pure Color Soft Solution Nylon, Invista Tactesse Nylon, Kashmere Nylon, Nylon 6, 6, BCF PET and Wools.

Our Most Popular Carpet Brands

Featured Carpets



Newer yards like SmartStrand have Nanoloc technology that encapsulates the fiber to create a superior spill and soil barrier. SmartStrand Forever Clean simply does not hold onto dirt. Through studies it has shown that it releases three times more dirt. This means that you can breathe easier with cleaner carpets.


StainMaster Nylon

We also have StainMaster Nylon carpets that finding new ways to bring comfort into your home, from the actual carpet to the comfort of knowing you can live your life the way you want without worrying about your carpet.

Wool Carpets

We also offer Wool carpets and they have some great key factors like due to its superior insulation characteristics, wool carpet provides a warmer, safer, more comfortable surface on which to stand/sit than hard flooring. Wool fiber has a hydrophobic (water repelling) exterior and hydrophilic (water loving) interior that confer its unique moisture management properties – properties that are not shared by synthetic fibers such as nylon. Wool’s chemical structure means that it has the ability to actively absorb and desorb moisture and to gain and release heat depending on the external and internal environment - thus buffering a room against environmental changes. A wool carpet’s ability to absorb moisture may result in a reduced propensity for condensation within a room.


Why Carpets?

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Adds warmth & comfort

  • Softens slips and falls

  • Reduces noise and vibrations

If you want the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choice that would be new carpet. Carpet does act as a passive air filter by trapping dust, other particles, pollen and removing them from the home. Studies have shown that people with allergy problems and asthma have seen symptoms improve with carpet.

The carpet industry is minimizing carpet’s impact on the environment through the “3 Rs” – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When carpet reaches the end of its long life, it is reused to make new carpet or is recycled into a variety of products, ranging from roofing shingles and railroad ties to automotive parts.

Get Yours Custom!

With all the great carpet selections we also can do custom area rugs where we can make any sizes to fit your area needs. We offer different styles that are Traditional, Transitional, Organic, Whimsical and Textural patterns in colorways that are extremely versatile in the home today.

Choosing the right carpet for your home is no easy task. After all, you’re selecting something that will be an important feature of your overall interior design for many years to come. But with so many style, textures, fibers and colors, how do you decide the best option for your home? Relax! At Hillman’s, our professional design staff can help you select the perfect carpet for your home. We will take the time to listen to you and learn about you to help you select the appropriate carpet that fits your unique personality and lifestyle. Swing by the showroom today and let us help you find something you’ll love.